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The Fantasy Football league game can surprisingly be played without any experience of the game or actual knowledge of real life players. The reason for this is that as long as you have the ability to multiply and add up, you will be capable of picking a team for a fantasy football league. If you want to actually show off in the game and put your friends to shame then this strategy wouldn't work unless you start to add research to the game.

Player research
Knowing a fantasy football players skills and game play and what they are capable of on the pitch is vital! Researching how regularly each player plays, their position they take on the pitch, how likely they are to give away fouls or get yellow cards to how often they take free kicks, corners, penalties or even throw in's can highly influence the fantasy football league game. This research will gain you a direct advantage over the other game players or friends in your team leaving you to celebrate your glorious decisions.

Select diverse players
A great way to score some major fantasy football league points is selecting 'diverse players'. A 'diverse player' is a player that extends their position and team role beyond the traditional playing position. Year after year in the modern game of football we tend to see players that are highly skilled in other areas of the field and therefore flex and experiment with these skills. For example a defender that has height and can head the ball well and always breaks well on counter attacks are key to providing goal assists or even a few goals themselves! This type of player will inevitably rack up further points for clean sheets if they have the right temprament on the pitch. Another quality player to look out for is when a midfielder plays just behind the front strikers and yet tally up just as many goals as those strikers. It is tricky to find such a player but these qualities can obviosly bring reward due to you effectivly having another striker on the pitch! What a great fantasy football league tactic!

Watch the Transfer Market strategically
Many bonus points can be gained in the fantasy football league by watching the transfer market and assessing when a players move to a new club is a success or if he is finding it difficult to fit into the team. A player can have a number of difficulties with a move, for example has fallen out with a manager, or is struggling to find form due to them being placed in a different position on the pitch than they are used to. If this player was to be sold to a different team then his money value would have dropped but he still remains to have the quality to score many goals! Especially if the team that signs him has less competition for a place in the squad.

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Fantasy Football League
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