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Football betting terms explained

Combination Football Betting
The term combination betting or a combination bet can be described as providing the possibility of winning big whilst maintaining a backup for the possibility of one or multiple events failing. The first bet is higher due to the combination bet not being a single bet, it is a sequence of small bets. The advantage of this combination system is that you generally have a less chance of losing and also a greater opportunity of walking away from the bet still exists.

Accumulator Football Betting
The term accumulator bet is a way of converting a relatively small bet / stake into a larger return by carrying over your winnings from one event to another event through to another event for a pre-determined set number of events.

Football Betting Odds explained
The word 'odds' is explained as the likelihood of one outcome happening, rather than another outcome. When perceived in gambling and football, 'odds' are the quantity paid out by a gambling bookmaker. For example, if odds are set to 5/1 (five to one), the gambling bookmaker would pay out £5 for a £1 bet. So alternatively if the odds are 1/4 (one - to - four), the gambling bookmaker would pay out 50p on a £2 bet.

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Football Betting Advice and Tips

Before you decide to gamble online, it's a good idea to know how football gambling works. Bet Responsibly, for more information see www.gambleaware.co.uk.